We live in an increasingly crazy world... sometimes scary, often confounding. Uncertainty and fear abound in a fog of misinformation. We run from here to there in a breathless merry-go-round, managing constant interruption from our devices – those little dopamine pushers that these days, few of us can live without. The distraction economy is pulling us deeper into our tech, absorbed in a bespoke world created especially for you by your friendly neighbourhood algorithm. 

Against this stormy backdrop, a small group of friends came together in early 2019 to create something meaningful… sort of a reaction to the state we’re in and the mess we’ve made of our planet. We share a love of design, performance apparel and products with a purpose. Collectively we had come to yearn for a new brand we could believe in and invest in – something local, sustainable, purposeful. 

Why can’t there be great design and performance without compromising the environment? Why can’t everyday products and apparel be made to last longer than a single season? Too much to ask?

Inspired by the movement towards circular production, we follow and advocate for a small number of innovators using sustainable materials with the potential to replenish rather than punish the planet. Freitag, Houdini and others have blazed a new trail – creating ubiquitous items whilst energising a movement.

We are not alone. We are the restless individuals that work hard at working hard.

We are the ones that battle through bullshit and distraction to hit the gym, hit the waves, hit the trails. We are you and we created Rotate North for all of us.

Rotate North is more than a watch company. We are designing, curating and developing a range of modern essentials — beautifully designed and built to last with sensitivity to our environment. These are the things you rely on and use every day. Products with purpose to help you stay on track, take on the world and fuel your inspiration.

We came together to create a product range that we couldn’t find elsewhere and to create a company whose beliefs and values we could support. At Rotate North, our pledge is to always make the highest quality utility products, imbued with a minimal aesthetic and crafted from the most sustainable materials and processes available to us.

Our debut offering is the Atlantic — a durable, versatile ocean-watch inspired by the Northern hemisphere’s cold saltwater. Engineered in Germany and finished with a waterproof strap made from sustainably sourced Italian rubber.

We invite you to join us.

Getting sidelined, side-tracked, off-piste and distracted is the new normal. But getting back to consciousness is our collective meditation. There is no bad time to refocus and reset. It’s never too late to start again.

So for anyone who strives to do more. For anyone who has ever abandoned a plan, a New Year goal or today’s scheduled workout... for the procrastinators among us.

Let’s get back to going forward. Rotate North.

September 15, 2019 — Stephen Shaw