Kudos for The Atlantic... from a publication we love

They say that all of the best things start with one small step… and this is something we truly believe at Rotate North. 

We started Rotate North to create a product range that we couldn’t find elsewhere and a company whose beliefs and values we could support. Our pledge is to always make the highest quality utility products, imbued with a minimal aesthetic and crafted from the most sustainable materials and processes available to us.

So when our signature dive watch—The Atlantic—was recently featured as one of the world’s best budget dive watches by our new friends at Wired Magazine, it gave us pause for reflection, to say the least. We all seek validation when we break out and try things… Claps on the back, high fives and supportive words help to nudge us forward and dig in, when we feel like checking out.

With the Atlantic, we wanted to create a watch that would stand up to time and tide – a striking balance of purpose, performance and planet.

So when ‘Wired’ connected with us about their story, we were humbled. Being recognised alongside brands like Seiko, Tissot and Hamilton is immensely encouraging… inspiring us to do more, do better, hold the line and continue to build products we're proud to wear, but moreover, share with you.

Rotate North is more than a watch company but everything starts somewhere. Behind the scenes, we’re busy creating essential tools that you can rely on everyday… products with purpose to help you stay on track, take on the world and fuel your inspiration.

But everything starts with a single step. We took a big one and the path is clearing ahead of us… so we’re taking this moment to share it with you. So thanks to our growing community for all your love and support. 

Kudos to you. Now get back to going forward.

The Rotate North Atlantic is available in three colour variants and can be paired with our range of vegan rubber waterproof straps, made in Italy from sustainably sourced rubber.

For the full article, head on over to Wired.


July 30, 2020 — Stephen Shaw