The Arctic is one of our most mechanically impressive watches. Engineered in Germany and accompanied by a slew of various waterproof straps, it is a serious deep-water diving watch. Let’s talk about it.
From Ideas to Reality

We wanted to design the perfect diver’s watch. A watch designed for the most extreme environments and which takes all of Rotate North’s principles - purpose, performance and planet - and incorporates them flawlessly. So it was no easy task. This is where the Arctic comes in. The bezel, hands and markers, and dial of the Arctic represent our focus of durability and quality. The straps have been designed to match the Arctic’s incredible reliability. The features of this timepiece however really complete it.

Arctic used by divers off the Atlantic coast

The Arctic’s mechanics form the base of its strength, ranging from a 41-hour power reserve to its mechanical movement. The Arctic is powered by a self-winding NH35A, 21,600 BPH automatic, 24 jewel movement. This robust movement is powered entirely by the renewable energy drawn from your arm movements - meaning no batteries! It’s accuracy and lifespan are both exceptional. 

Arctic worn with Vintage Bond NATO strap

Encased with 316L stainless steel, and with a bezel made of matt-finished ceramic, the Arctic’s structural integrity is top class. Matched with a pressurised screw-down case back, a guarded screw-down crown, and a helium escape valve, the watch’s interior is completely protected from all sources of dust and gas. A sapphire crystal spans the large 43mm face, providing exceptional scratch resistance and a great view. A very large strap width of 24mm provides strength and support whilst maintaining the levity required for intense activity.

Arctic preparing for a deep dive
Diving to New Depths

The Arctic is designed for deep diving, for exploring. The sheer strength of its materials, aided by features such as the screw-down case back and crown, provide complete water resistance down to a staggering depth of 500m - deeper than anyone can dive. This ensures, no matter how far down you go, that the watch will be completely unharmed. 

Not just a Watch

The Arctic can be paired with a variety of different straps, which come in various different colours. A sustainably sourced, 100% vegan rubber strap is one of those choices. Made in Veneto, Northern Italy, these straps are manufactured in partnership with a small family business that prides themselves on a long-standing tradition of making accessories for the Swiss watch industry, as well as many of the world’s finest brands. These NBR compound rubber straps are toughened to endure through the most active outdoor and ocean pursuits. They come in a variety of colours, ranging from ‘Flare Orange’ to ‘Deep Night’.

Diver fixes weight belt wearing Arctic watch

The other choice of strap is the very well-known NATO. Made from fast-drying ballistic nylon, the robust and durable feel is completed with stainless steel fittings and buckle components with a satin finish. These straps are durable enough to withstand the most testing circumstances, and yet are also breathable and comfortable enough to wear every day. These also come in various different colours, including ‘Seal Black’ (Black), ‘Vintage’ (Bond Style), and ‘Classic’ (Black and Grey striped). 

September 21, 2021 — Cameron Shaw